Welcome to the West River Habitat for Humanity website.

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This website will allow you to see what we’ve done, what we’re doing and how you can help. In the mean time here is a little about what we are.

West River Habitat for Humanity held its first meeting in the Wardsboro Town Hall on January 25, 2001. About 30 neighbors attended, and we resolved to apply to become an affiliate of Habitat For Humanity International. We became incorporated on August 3, 2001.

Through raffles, potluck suppers, personal donations and a grant from Vision New England, we have raised $100,000. We purchased property in West Wardsboro for $5,000 at a large discount thanks to the generosity of Adam and Amy Kepler. We have started construction in partnership with Linda and Frank Caron and their 3 children. In return for 400 hours of “sweat equity”, they will have a new home with an interest free mortgage. Steve Betit has very generously offered to donate land in Whiting ham for our second home.

We have enough money to soon start our second home and a third if you will support us and trust that we will use your money wisely. None of our volunteers receive payment for their time or labor, including our project managers, John Thurber and Don Bouret. If you believe in what we are doing, please let us know through your comments, contributions, and by volunteering to help.

  • Thank you to all those who have helped us so far.



  • Habitat houses are built using as much volunteer work and as many donated materials as possible.
    They are sold to a family at no profit.
  • The actual cost with NO interest added is repaid over a fixed period (usually 20 years).
  • Monthly mortgage payments are then recycled to rebuild more houses.
  • The payment is usually less than the family has been paying for rent including taxes and insurance.


A selected family agrees to contribute up to 500 hours of work in the building of their house instead of a down payment.
The work of their whole family (relatives, friends and co-workers) is counted in the sweat equity hours.


WRHFH continues to work with a family throughout the years of the mortgage.
Many families volunteer as builders or committee workers after acquiring their Habitat house.

Anyone wishing to apply for West River Habitat home should call:

Mr. Don Gehring at 802-464-3793. Don will be able to tell you first steps in applying for partnership and send you the necessary papers.

Generaly speaking an applicant must:

*Be currently living in either dangerous, unhealthy, overcrowded, or unaffordable housing. The family must have an income falling between a certain range of the median income so a family will have enough income to buy the home but not too much so they much that they could afford a regular mortgage.

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